BJP Spends Rs.53 Lakhs in a week on Facebook Ads


In the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, promoting on Facebook has been under investigation. This is especially valid for political promoting on the stage, done either by ideological groups themselves or by Facebook Pages that might be associated with or bolster any ideological group. The thought was to give Facebook clients an unmistakable picture of who is putting the notice that they are seeing. Furthermore, it is by all accounts working. The new Political Ads Policy was set up beginning 21 February, which implies we currently have the promoting information arranged for a total month; ahead of the pack up to maybe the most firmly challenged general elections in India. Also, Facebook promoting information tells its very own story.

Modi Government is spending a lot of money on Facebook ads. As per the Facebook reports, a BJP page has exceeded the maximum expenditure on political ads in this election season. For “My First Vote Goes to Modi” campaign, BJP has spent Rs 46.6 lakh in one week starting from March 17 to March 23.

“Bharat Ke Mann Ki Baat” advertisement was spent Rs 11,562,550 for 2498 adverts on Facebook. The same advertisement also spent Rs. 10,831,546 for 1227 adverts. With the Daily Hunt app —they spent Rs 2,517,810 for 15 adverts on the platform. Also, Facebook says that they have run the ads without any disclaimer. Facebook stated that every day should have a disclaimer that should include “The paid by” and “Published by”. Any advertisement without disclaimer will be removed.



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