Breaking News- Delhi High Court Gives Green Signal For TDP schemes


Ruling party TDP has introduced two welfare schemes Pasupu-Kumkuma for the welfare of women and Annadatha Sukhibhava for the welfare of farmers In the last two days, TDP has distributed the money to the beneficiaries of the schemes. But, Lakshman Reddy Jana Chaitanya Vedika president, filed a petition in High Court seeking to stop the distribution of money to the beneficiaries of the schemes as the elections are close.

Today, on Friday, April 5th, the case came for hearing. However, the court has dismissed the petition by quoting that there is no need to stop the schemes now and gave a green signal to the Naidu’s government that they can continue the scheme irrespective of elections. During the hearing, the Election Commission said to the court that there is no need to stop the schemes as the verification and selection of beneficiaries have been done before the announcement of election notification. High Court agreed to the point of EC and ordered not to stop the schemes. The same has been conveyed to Jana Chaitanya Vedhika. Besides, the court has also mentioned that there is no need to interfere in the issue.


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