Chandra Babu Calls Jagan as Brand Ambassador of Crime


Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu descended vigorously on the Ysrcp Chief Jagan. Chandra Babu said “One may not realize how to react to these occasions. They attempted to interfere with proof, endeavored to conceal the murder of their close relative. YCP is habituated to involve in murder politics” said the TDP Chief.

He held a video chat with the TDP leaders on Friday. Talking in that event, he said that YCP leaders did all that they could to occupy the issue. “His own uncle was killed but then he endeavored to cover it up. Covering up significant subtleties, intruding with proof, meddling with the investigation..the rundown of violations submitted by YCP leaders is unending” said Babu. He named YCP Chief as the brand ambassador of crime. Also, he said TDP which is synonymous with development and welfare. He commented that the next 17 days are very important and encouraged the general population to progress in the direction of a huge triumph of packing 25 MP and more than 150 get together seats.


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