If Jagan winks, everyone will be finished Says YSRCP Anil Kumar Yadav

As the elections in Andhra Pradesh are coming close, all parties are in the words war. As in the part of the election campaign, YSRCP MLA candidate Anil Kumar Yadav’s speech went viral on social media.
All parties are throwing stones at each other in the campaigns and meetings. During this 2019 elections campaigns, the criticism is going beyond the limits with dreadful warnings to the opponent by YSRCP.
Anil Kumar Yadav, MLA Candidate of Nellore Urban’s speech is going viral. In this video, Anil warned If their party chief Jagan winks his eye, everyone will be finished. Also, he stated that they are ready to kill or get killed for power. Chavadama Champadama? Do or Die says Anil Kumar.
Also, recently another candidate of YSRCP MLA Candidate Raghu Rama Krishnam Raju drunk and gave a speech. Later he claimed that Video was morphed. However, Anil Kumar went beyond his limits and passed a wrong statement. Being a candidate participating to represent the constituency he should have some responsibility. Imagine what will happen if people like him get the power?


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