Is Chandra Babu Naidu the right person to lead Andhra Pradesh?


The answer we hear from most of the people is YES. However, it is not just said in words but in fact, shown in the implementation. So before we decide on it, let us see why we say it as Yes. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu has become a Chief Minister to the state that doesn’t have a capital still, he led it with all the grace and experience. The only thing AP had during the election time was a crisis. But now, the state has opportunities. That’s how beautifully he led. Let us look into the issues the state has faced in his tenure and how he solved.

HudHud Cyclone in 2014

Just after he took charge HUDHUD came as an uninvited guest. It was the biggest cyclone Vizag had witnessed. The mother nature was very harsh yet, under the leadership of Chandra Babu, it was all sorted now. If it was someone else, we would have faced more consequences. CBN has appointed a lot of government employees in Vizag and made sure they work for the betterment of the effects of Cyclone.

Just within no time, everything felt like before even after the massive trouble. He was the first person to reach the victim areas and helped. His experiences and decisions in the peak time worked so well.

Making Vizag as IT HUB

Chandra Babu Naidu is making a decent attempt to make Vizag an IT Hub. There is a tremendous pinnacle development going on similar to Cyber Towers in Hyderabad named Millennium Tower. When it’s set we can see things moving at a quicker pace. There is even a ton of Pitching continuing for advancing Vizag as a Fintech Valley. Also, TU-142 is conveyed to Vizag and that is being made as an exhibition hall, there are even plans of conveying INS Viraat to Vizag the discussions are as yet occurring. New Glass domed train to Araku. Isn’t an inspiring leadership?

Establishing Amaravati

Amaravati is the correct place to be picked as a capital, it has both the chronicled importance and the required assets to be the cutting edge capital of AP. Amaravati, a place with extraordinary legacy running back more than 2000 years. Nowhere in Independent India, 30,000 sections of land are pooled willfully, it CBN imaginative thought of land pooling that is a success win for both the legislature and agriculturists. Numerous states today are embracing CBN territory pooling plan for formative exercises in their states. Made Singapore Government plan astounding plans for Amaravati for free of cost.

Appointed Fosters and Partners as the planners for the administration complex. Here is the groundbreaking strategy that was as of late submitted to Government of Andhra Pradesh by Foster and Partners. By taking a look at it we are certain and sure that Amaravati will be India and a standout amongst world best city. Amaravati will be tagged as the best city in two decades.

Improving Agriculture

There is a fantasy that CBN never thinks about Agriculture, yet he is going to make it clear that he is thinking about agriculture and their welfare in his actions. He waived off around 24,000 Crores of credits for agriculturists, UP is going to examine our advance waiver scheme. Just about 13,000 crores are done till now and the rest will be done in the following couple of years.

Over the most recent 3 years, there are about 3.11 lakhs of Farm Ponds are being dug in AP. Information demonstrates that the Center has constructed just 5,78,589 farm ponds. Andhra Pradesh has constructed 3,11,361 farm ponds, which is the most elevated by any State. He is wanting to build 20,000check dams in the multi-year. AP government, alongside ISRO, has arranged an activity intend to meet drinking water and water system needs in dry spell inclined areas, a programme launched in Rayalaseema district.

Power Reforms and Renewable Energy

AP began its record as a power deficiency state, Chandra Babu Naidu prepared and figured out how to enter Centers control for all scheme and today AP is power surplus state. AP included almost 4000mw of inexhaustible power ability to its network after CBN takes charge. Today AP is 100% electrified state after TN and Gujarat. You can follow control cuts, Power supply to your city and towns in AP here. World biggest Solar Park in AP in Kurnool 1000mw. This is greater than the one in TN worked by Adani. 3Gw of Renewable Energy Projects are in Pipeline.

Uplifting Rayalaseema

Rayalaseema getting the greater part of the investments is an indication that CBN wants to lift individuals of Seema from factionism. Rayalaseema gets Oravakallu Airport, Apollo tires, MI, Hero, KIA, ISUZU, Mega Seeds Factory, Jairaj Steel plant. Also, we should realize that Kochi Metro Coaches are Made in Andhra. There is gigantic campaigning continuing for Apple fabricating unit ideally he will get that one as well.

Indulging Technology in Administration

Our CM is a hotshot devotee of Technology here is a portion of the creative things that make him so exceptional. AP is the primary state to have an imaginative dashboard where we can follow precipitation, road lights, groundwater levels and some more.

It utilizes IOT first state in India to do as such, numerous CMs comprehend what IOT is. Numerous different states in India need to duplicate the equivalent, as of late ModiGovt propelled comparative sort of Dashboard on the event of finishing four years in Government.

According to most of the people, the experience and intelligence of CBN can lead to the development of Andhra Pradesh.


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