Is DonaldTrump’s Ruling Benefiting India?


DONALD TRUMP, he fought a bitter political battle to elect as a 45th president of world’s 11th richest country. Donald Trump is a Republican candidate. India’s past experiences with the US shows that a republic president for us than a Democrat one. In recent history, our relationship with the US has stuck to a steady path starting with Bill Clinton who is democrat to Gorge .w bush who is republic to democrat Barak Obama.

What India will lose due to Trump?

double standards to India, like on one hand, he said India is doing good and on the other hand, he said he would bring American jobs back from India. Bringing jobs back to America could mean harsher conditions for the entry of immigrants from India. Trump promised to reduce US corporate tax from 35% to 15% which could result in companies like Ford and Microsoft rushing to the US. This rush of US firms will hit Modi’s make in pushing India.

How Trump Ruling is Benefiting India?

But, Trump is a businessman, right-wing politician and strongest patriot and has a clear stand on terrorism and Chinese aggression the only politician who is similar to these aspects is Modi. Although Trump wants to put stricter immigration rules, he also says he wants to pursue the Indian entrepreneurs and students to the US which is in our favor.


Let me give an example to give a clear view of Trump’s ideas. If Trump wants to sell cheverlotte cars to India, then he will sign a deal with Modi that the engines and some other parts will be manufactured in America and other physical parts will be manufactured in India which increases job opportunities in both the countries. A deal on 50-50 bias. So in some cases like a business and dealing with terrorism trump is going to help India. Where in cases like job extending our business trump may turn little problematic.


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