Is Sri Bharat Capable to lead Vizag as MP?


Sri Bharat, son of M.S.P Ramana Rao and grandson of the founder of GITAM University M.V.V.S Murthi. Bharat worked in USA while before moving to Vizag to take the responsibility of family business. He is the son in law of Nandamuri Bala Krishna, Bharat married to the second daughter of Bala Krishna. The Telugu Desam Party on Tuesday announced its candidate to Lok Sabha seat from Vishakhapatnam, it is confirmed that son in law of Bala Krishna, Sri Bharat will be contesting the general elections from Vishakhapatnam.


Though Sri Bharat studied and worked in the US he wants to serve Andhra Pradesh that shows the dedication and how patriotic this young leader is. Bharat will be standing opposite the film producer Satyanarayana of YSRCP in Vizag parliament constituency.

Meanwhile, to evaluate Bharat, we need to remember that our state needs young and dynamic leaders like Bharat. Though he doesn’t have any political experience, he knows the values. In the experienced guidance of Chandra Babu Naidu, young leaders like Bharat, Lokesh, Jayadev and all can bring the real development in Andhra Pradesh.

Coming to his family Background, he is the grandson of MVVS Murthy. His entire family is known for serving the needy and proving quality education. Being raised from such an honorable family, Bharat has adapted so many things in perspective to serve society. Also, he was grown up in the political atmosphere so we can’t call him new to politics.

He is aware of the politics and most importantly he is aware of the state’s current situation which is much needed. An intellectual and educated person like him can raise a voice in the Lok Sabha as an MP better than anybody else. Isn’t it? Also, Bharat, being the young leader is concentrating on the development of 50 crore youth in the state and promising to take the responsibility to make employability easy.

What else do we need than having a person with vision? Isn’t it?  However, the TDP party believes that this young man will not only win the elections but also wins the hearts of people of Andhra Pradesh.


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