Is YRSCP and TRS playing a mind game with AP voters?



A reportedly happening survey in Andhra Pradesh is revolving among the voters in the state. It is allegedly said that TRS along with YSRCP has conducted a huge survey and sharing the report in groups. As per the news, the survey claims that YRSCP will win 95 to 110 seat out of total 175 seats. Also, it claims that Telugu Desam Party, the now ruling party, will win less than 55 seats. The other parties including Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena, BJP and Congress may not show their strength at all in the elections, says the survey report. They may get only 20 seats. The YCP and its media are spreading these survey reports. This action is allegedly called as Mind game of TRS and YRSCP.

What is the alleged Mind Game of TRS?

Also, a few media reports guarantee that TRS led overviews in AP occasionally, every one of those is to support YCP. Unlike TDP that had a solid presence in Telangana, TRS has zero power in AP. Obviously, one need not have a presence to get a survey. However, neither there was an authentication for this survey nor it is revealed. All these show that few reports are being engendered in the division season with the help of positive media.

The other side, the data theft allegation on Telugu Desam Party is just imposed on the ruling party. However, TRS and YCP are taking advantage of the allegation and reportedly spreading a fake survey. This can be called as mind game as it affects the voter’s mindset. However, this mind game has high possibility to demotivate TDP’s vote bank.


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