Know the facts about Kesineni Nani


Kesineni Nani alias Kesineni Srinivas is not just an entrepreneur or politician. He evolved as a leader. Right now he is Member of Parliament in Lok Sabha from Vijayawada Parliamentary constituency. You might have heard a lot about Nani, but there is still another side you should not miss to know about Kesineni Nani.

What is the other side of Kesineni Nani that you should know?

He is one of the most popular and genuine leaders of both Andhra Pradesh and India. He is known as a politician and as an entrepreneur who owns the largest travel firm, Kesineni Travels. However, he is not known for so many other good deeds he does.

Nani should, in fact, be called as a leader than the politician. You know that there is a difference between being a leader and a politician. Isn’t it? So we are sure, that you have understood what are we talking about. However, we will explain how he is different from all others.

Kesineni Convinced Ratan Tata to adopt Villages in AP

Kesineni Nani is the only Member of Parliament who brought Tata Trusts to Andhra Pradesh to develop villages in the state. His works for the welfare of Vijayawada has impressed Ratan Tata which indeed made him adopt 265 villages in 2015. Also, Tata trusts have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Kesineni for the development and welfare of those villages. After Tata’s involvement in the development of the villages, there has been significant growth in the state.

Kesineni Nani- The Man of the People

We might have seen so many leaders, but there are only a few people like him. He always strives and gives only the best for his constituency people. He has raised tremendous amounts of the fund and spent of them for the development of Vijayawada. Moreover, Nani has built the best highways, flyovers, and roads in the Vijayawada. Soon after he came into the ruling, Vijayawada has witnessed the reduction in water problems. Maintaining proper facilities in Anganwadi, government schools and whatnot, Nani has been excellent in all the possible ways.

That’s quite a sign, Vijayawada people have witnessed his leadership and he has got no competition for the 2019 elections. Though YSRCP, BJP, and Janasena are trying to bring a strong opponent to Nani, people know whom to choose and it’s sure would be Kesineni Nani.


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