Lokesh Proves Sakshi Channel as Fake News Channel


It has been quite common that People and Google call Sakshi Channel as a fake news channel. However, there are some strong allegations that are not just said but prooved. Some proofs confirm that sakshi is a self-centric news channel and a fake news channel.

Nara Lokesh Slams Sakshi as Fake News Channel With proofs

Yes, You heard it right. Nara Lokesh confirmed that people are right. Usually, sakshi channel only telecasts news where Jagan mohan reddy and his party leaders will get highlighted. No matter what, they will never show the negative news against them. However, this time they have claimed a step ahead.

Today Sakshi News channel has telecasted news claiming that Ganta Srinivas rao is upset with TDP chief Chandra Babu Naidu.

Look what our young leader Nara Lokesh did to reply to their fake news.

Yes, this is how Lokesh reacted to their fake news. While Sakshi was telecasting breaking news that Ganta is upset with TDP, Lokesh has clicked a picture with Ganta Srinivas Rao along with the Background of the same breaking news. Isn’t it prooving us?




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