New Politics in Visakhapatnam with All New Faces


The Andhra Pradesh general elections will take place on April 11th. Elections this time are quite interesting especially, in the state’s Financial Capital Visakhapatnam. So far many experienced leaders like PVG Raju, Bhattam Srirama Murthy, Thenneti Viswanadham, T Subbirami Reddy were elected and served Visakapatanam. This time the scenario is entirely different. In the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, All the Major party MP’s candidates from Vizag are new to the elections as well as politics. Isn’t it interesting?

Mathukumilli Sribharat from TDP, MVV Satyanarayana from YSRCP, JD Lakshminarayana from JSP are the candidates from all 3 major parties. Also, Daggubati Purandeshwari is BJP candidate from the same Visakhapatnam Constituency.
Mathukumilli Sribharat 
Sri Bharat is the second son-in-law of Balakrishna. He is graduated from USA. He is the grandson of Githam University founder, MVVS Murthy. He is the youngest aspirant participating in elections for the first time through Visakhapatnam Loksabha Constituency.
VV Lakshminarayana 
 JD Lakshminarayana is a former CBI officer. He has recently joined in Janasena party. Earlier he established his individual political party but later changed his mind and joined Pawan kalyan’s party. He is participating in Visakhapatnam Lok sobha Elections.
MVV Satyanarayana 
MVV Satyanarayana is a producer, turned into a politician last year and participating in elections for the first time representing YSRCP. Being the owner of MVV Builders and producer, his passion for politics made him stand in Visakhapatnam lok sabha elections.



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