Paritala Sunitha gives up Raptadu seat for Son Sriram


AP minister sunitha , wife of late Paritala Ravindra, had decided to sacrifice her seat to her son Sriram. sunitha has decided to sacrifice seat for her son into the TDP party. While launching her son’s poll campaign from Ramagiri Mandal in the raptadu constituency on sunitha asked people to encourage and support her son paritala sriram, who is making his political debut in 2019 elections.

In this meeting sunitha stated “people of ananthapur have always supported my husband paritala Ravindra garu and after his demise, you have extended the same support to me. now on behalf of paritala family, I humbly appeal to the voters of raptadu to ensure paritala sriram not only wins but wins with a thumping majority“

In the press meet Paritala sunitha stated that the chief of TDP Chandra Babu Naidu has respectfully accepted her request to field her son and placed her son’s name in the first list of candidates and also said  she is very happy by the immediate action of Chandra Babu Naidu, the only reason she had, to launch her son is . she wanted to see her beloved son as an MLA in Telugu Desam party . in the same meet she thanked naidu for offering the ministry for her after the demise of her husband.

Meanwhile, the followers of paritala family expressed strong resentment over the decision of TDP. local TDP leaders who are the followers and loyal to paritala family found fault with TDP decision of not allocating two tickets within a family. the supporters of paritala family had asked to allocate two tickets to paritala family which has been loyal to TDP ever since its inception.


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