Here is TDP Manifesto| You should not miss it|


Telugu Desam party Chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu released TDP Manifesto for 2019 general elections today (21st March 21, 2019) at 11 am. To release the Manifesto ruling party leader Naidu canceled his two scheduled programs. In this year the Manifesto designed by considering Development and Sankshema as a major point. Naidu assures that 2 lakh employment for youth in the food processing sector. For this Naidu’s government will improve the cold chains, food parks, and processing units.

Chandrababu Naidu promising that he will make AP as a draught free state in India. For this, he completed the 68 percentage of Polavaram irrigation project in the last five years as no other government did this.  He promising that he will complete the project in the coming 5 years. He also focused on other 62 prioritized projects including underground linking of 5 rivers in the first couple of years.

This Manifesto had improving many policies as keeping people benefits as a major aim.

  • PasupuKunkuma policy will be continued every year.
  • For white ration card holders, 6 cylinders will be given at free of cost
  • Chandranna Bhima scheme is Rs 5 lakh present it improved to 10 lakhs for farmers benefits.
  • Last time women pensioner age is 65 it is reduced to 55 age.
  • Naidu government strive for 33% reservation to women in Lawmaking houses.
  • Up to 25% subsidy is going to give by the government to BCs in purchasing the cars. And 25% subsidy money will be given to BCs for setting up of MSMEs
  • Without any bank linkage, Rs 1 lakh loan will be given to BCS through BC corporations.
  • Last time Videsi Vidhya scheme is Rs 10 lakh for BC it is increased to 15 lakh.
  • Kapus 5% reservation will be continued and Rs 6 crore was allotted for Kapus welfare and development.
  • All upper cast students like Kamma, Reddy etc… will be provided funds for self-employment and Education.

  • By this year Urdu will be recognized as a language of Andhra Pradesh.
  • SCs were recognized by Dalit Christians pressures will be mounted on center to give reservations.
  • 30 lakh poor houses will be constructed in Rs 80 crore
  • With Rs 24,500 crore a paper factory will be established in the Prakasam district by this 6k youth can get employment.
  • Rs 65k crore will be investing in the establishment of the electronic manufacturing sector and IT by this 2.5 lakh people can place in IT and 3 lakh people in the electronic manufacturing sector. Already this proposal under the pipeline.
  • By the next five years, a total of 15 lakh jobs will be allotted for youth in all sectors.

All castes people will be beneficial by this Manifesto. It looks like, once if TDP comes back as a ruling party, Andhra Pradesh will see a lot of development.



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