The Leader you should Not Miss| Ram Mohan Kinjarapu


Ram Mohan Naidu Kinjarapu is the young and dynamic leader you should not miss to know about. You might have heard so much about being a good politician but Ram Mohan is an Ideal politician everybody should know and learn a lot. He is the son of great leader Yerran Naidu Kinjarapu. Rammohan stood up for his constituency development.

There are very few politicians in India who knows what the country and their constituency needs. Ram Mohan stands among those who are dynamic and dedicated for their people. His idea of providing internship for youth is one of the nicest initiations. All the political parties have student communities and get benefit from students. But Ram Mohan Naidu initiated internships for students to benefit students.

This internship program has involved student interns with a mission. This internship is to provide student ideas for the better development of the Srikakulam district and also the state and nation. This 31-year-old is people-centric and does everything possible to help them. He always has the pulse of the people. Through the cycle yatra, he embarked his political career. Now, his help for Uddanam is remarkable. Though he is young, he is carrying forward the legacy of his father and his part, TDP.

Rammohan Naidu has marked his name as a responsible and dynamic politician in the No Confidence Motion. His speech during the motion moved everyone. This is one best example to call him the best. Galla Jayadev and Ram Mohan Naidu were two people in the parliament who stood for the No confidence motion and raised their voice for the Andhra Pradesh. He has kept the nation’s conscience with his aggressive speech. He is one of the much-needed leaders in the state. He is the pride of the state.


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