Top Worst Scams in Independent India


India has been noted for corruption right from Independence. The fraud and scams in the country have got the attention of the world. But, these scams have got no limit. With each passing year, we have been seeing scandals here and there. There are several issues in the country like misusage of funds, corruption, illegal activities and many more. Do you know what are the biggest scandals? Let’s dig the past for once.

  • 2g spectrum Scam
  • Common Wealth Games Scam
  • Satyam Scam
  • Adarsh Housing Society Scam
  • Coal Mining Scam
  • Bellary Mining Scam
  • Telgi Scam
  • Hawala Scam
  • Fodder Scam

2g Spectrum Scam

2g Spectrum Scam is one of the most corrupted scams. Many of us have already heard about it. But, do you know what is it all about and who all are involved in it? It is a telecommunication scam where politicians and big heads in the communication department had involved. It is known as one of the largest financial scams. It involves in undercharging telecom companies for the allocation of licenses for phone subscriptions. This scam has come out, when an allegation on A.Raja, the then DMK party, telecom minister was registered. It is said that A.Raja, had allocated airwaves and licenses of 2g spectrum for cellphone companies as an exchange of Bribe. There was a huge variation in the money collected and the money that has to be collected as per the norms.

According to the allegation, the DMK party has played a major role in this scam and bagged Rs. 217 crore bribes. The Tata-services, Swan Telecom Company and Unitech wireless company are primarily accused in this. Also, the Supreme Court had imposed Rs.5 crore fine to each of them. However, A.Raja has allegedly said that he is innocent and further resigned from his post. After that, Kapil Sibal took charge as Telecom minister and claimed that zero loss was caused by this scam.

But, we all can assume how much loss we had by virtually gifting away the nation’s asset in favor of some companies.

Common Wealth Games Scam

Commonwealth games scam in 2010 is one of the largest scams in India. It is said that Rs.70,000crore scam was involved in it. It took a storm in the country. Right from the time the game started, it revolved around the corruption. It involved in the criminal conspiracy, cheating, forgery, and inflated contracts. It is also allegedly told that the athletes were shifted to shabby apartments instead of the allocated well-facilitated flats. Suresh Kalmadi has served as Chairman of organizing a committee of Commonwealth Games. He was then Pune LokSabha MP. The investigation claimed thatKalmadi took a bribe of Rs.141 crore contracts for timing equipment. Kalmadi was accused and arrested for the same, but he is on bail now. The current status of it is still under investigation.

Satyam Scam

Satyam Scam is one of the known scams in the country. But, what do you know about it?

The Satyam Computers former chairman, B. Ramalinga Raju has sentenced to 7 years jail for the guilt of Rs. 7,000 crore scam. B. Raju, himself has accepted that he has manipulated the income of the company and fooled investors and shareholders of the company. Also, in the year January 2009, World Bank alleged that Satyam was involved in staff bribery and data thefts. Raju also fined Rs. 5 crore and he has finished his 32 months of Jail sentence so far.

Adarsh Housing Society Scam

Adarsh Cooperative Housing Society scam is one of the most shameful scams in the country. The building, which was initially intended to be a six-story structure for Kargil war soldiers and war widows, was changed over into a 31-story high rise.

Worked with the sole reason for lodging war veterans, the general public presently houses individuals including relatives of previous Maharashtra boss clergyman Ashok Chavan and different legislators, military authorities and officials, and got them at a lower cost. The former Army Generals Deepak Kapoor and NC Vij and previous Navy Admiral Madhavendra Singh and Vice-Chief General Shantanu Choudhary likewise got these flats in the general public.

A request by the CBI, IT division and the Enforcement Directorate uncovered SushilkumarShinde, Late Vilas Rao Deshmukh and Ashok Chavan’s inclusion in the scam, prompting Chavan’s resignation.

Bellary mining scam

Bellary mining scam is one of the most popular scams in India. This took place in Karnataka that led to the resignation of the then BS Yeddyurappa, included mining barons, the Reddy siblings. It was asserted that G Karunakara Reddy and G Janardhana Reddy had paid cash to pack contracts for their mining organization, Obulapuram Mining Company, in Bellary.

A report by previous Lokayukta of Karnataka, Justice Santosh Hegde claims that Yeddyurappa and his relatives had taken money as gifts to trusts from digging organizations in return for issuing mining leases. The Karnataka government endured lost Rs16,085crore.

Coal Mining Scam

Coal mining scam is popularly known as ‘Coalgate’ in the media. This political trick devoured the administration of the UPA government in the year 2012. The trick became visible when CAG uncovered that the then administering body had assigned 216 coal squares to open and private undertakings illicitly between 1993 to 2006. The coal squares were not in the generation plan of coal by Coal India Ltd. A sum of 70 coal mines was assigned in the range of 1993 and 2005: 53 out of 2006, 52 of every 2007, 24 out of 2008, 16 out of 2009 and one out of 2010.

Coalgate scam uncovered debasement in the higher echelons of intensity in the nation. The embarrassment includes designation of the nation’s coal stores to open and private segment organizations by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The workplace of Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG), in a draft report in March 2012, blamed the administration for apportioning coal hinders in a self-assertive way amid the period 2004– 2009, causing lost Rs1.86 lakh crore.

At first, the loss was pegged at over Rs 10 lakh crore, yet the CAG reexamined it to Rs 1.86 lakh crore in the wake of forgetting PSUs from its last report. The BJP held up a protest with respect to the issue which prompted a CBI test into the trick and requested Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s acquiescence. Be that as it may, Singh read an announcement in the Parliament on 27 August 2012 discrediting the CAG’s report. The outrage caused a ton of excitement both inside and outside the Parliament because of its greatness. The outrage got murkier when 43 documents containing essential data on how the coal fields were distributed to private firms disappeared.

Dr. Manmohan Singh was accountable for the Coal Ministry somewhere in the range of 2006 and 2009. A portion of the documents missing contains data on designations of coal fields amid this period. After a ton of pounding by the Opposition, all with the exception of seven documents were followed and sent to the CBI to assist the test.

Hawala Scam

 Hawala alludes to a casual cash exchange system. For this situation, hawala representatives utilized this system as a method for sending unlawful installments to government officials. Evaluations demonstrate that these lawmakers got influences that totaled to $18 million. Strikingly, four agents existed, and they were all siblings. Be that as it may, the driving force was Surinder Kumar Jain. The court cases that concentrated on this outrage fallen. All the more explicitly, the judges in these cases felt that hawala records were a dishonorable wellspring of proof for the supposed wrongdoings.


Telgi Scam

Telgi Scam is by all accounts straight out of a Hollywood motion picture. In 2002, Abdul KarimTelgi was charged for duplicating stamp paper in India. He named 350 phony operators to offer stamp papers to banks, insurance agencies, and stock business firms. The trick spread crosswise over 12 States and the sum included was pegged at Rs 200 billion. The examination uncovered that Telgi delighted in help from different government divisions that were engaged with the creation and closeout of high-security stamps. In January 2006, Telgi and a few partners were condemned to 30 years thorough detainment.

Fodder Scam

Fodder Scam is known as the mother everything being equal. however, the Fodder scandal had been continuing for more than two decades previously it became known in 1996 in the town of Chaibasa, Bihar. The scam included the manufacture of imaginary domesticated animals for which grub, drugs, and creature cultivation gear was apparently secured. The creature cultivation division is said to have stolen Rs950 crore through the plan. Then Chief Minister of Bihar Lalu Prasad Yadav was compelled to resign alongside former CMJagannath Mishra in the wake of the embarrassment.

These are some of the worst scams happened in Independent India.


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