Uncorrupted Politicians in India


Here we present some of the uncorrupted politicians in India. Don’t miss to check details about them. Irrespective of the parties and their religion, we want you to know the dynamic leaders of the nation. No hypocrisy here.

Uncorrupted Politicians in India

Abdul Kalam

Abdul Kalam, one role model for many. Kalam owned 6 pants in which 2 are DRDO uniforms, 4 shirts, around 2500 books, one flat, 1 padmashri, 16 doctorates, 1 Bharat Ratna, 1 padmabhushan. Even his flat is donated to an orphanage after him. Also, he had donated his last 8 years pension for his village development.



Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Vajpayee was the rare leaders with tremendous goodwill. He has got full respect throughout his life. He served the nation as selfless prime minister for 3 terms. During his period as a prime minister, India started to witness the development like never before.

Arun Jaitley

He is a standout amongst the most taught leader right now in Modi government. His association with legislative returns 40 or more years. He has been a senior supporter and he has been associated with various vital cases. Also, he has the experience, learning, and character to hold the positions he is presently holding. He has written a few productions on lawful and current undertakings. As per us, he is a genuine government official, he doesn’t have any need to enjoy any sort of defilement.

Aravind Kejriwal

If there’s one thing this man isn’t engaged with, it’s corruption. He assembled his entire vocation against corruption. Also, has driven quite enormous crusades. Indeed, even before India against Corruption, he has done a lot of work with respect to this issue.

Positively individuals of Delhi trusted in him and that is the main reason that AAP cleared Delhi with an avalanche triumph just inside not exactly a time of humongous Modi triumph. He grabbed the focal point from appropriate under the nose of Narendra Modi. This is one of the explanations behind against him for some since it most likely is aggravating. He is certainly not a degenerate government official.

Arjun Ram Meghwal

Arjun Ram Meghwal is a weaver since his childhood. In his village, education was very rare. Despite this, he managed to study. He was married when he was in class 7. Despite all the circumstances, he managed to do his post graduation. He at that point broke the Rajasthan Administrative Services, being selected as Officer on Special Duty (OSD) to Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan, and in the long run, elevated to the Indian Administrative Services and filled in as District Collector of Churu region. At that point, in the wake of thinking about that his accomplishments made him a good example, he entered governmental issues. He is one such leader who has come from bad circumstances and tried level best to the development of the nation.


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