What Delhi Citizens think about Aravind Kejriwal’s Ruling


AamAadmi Party Government of Arvind Kejriwal was confirmed with many supporters. In the recent survey conducted, over 25,000 Delhi citizens have confirmed that  Kejriwal government has shown their impact in the eradication of corruption in Delhi. He has got all the support from Delhites only due to his anti-corruption campaign. It is the only factor that helped him defeat a three times Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit.

What do Delhi Citizens think about Aravind Kejriwal’s Ruling?

Some of the Delhi citizens who participate in the survey conducted, says that “As promised effective anti-corruption hotline is not available. Also, they claim that the city does not have free wi-fi facility as promised. However, the main issue in Delhi, the cases of rape are reduced but still, there is no end for it. Maybe he has promised so many things, still, there is a mixed opinion in the people about his governance.

In the survey, some citizens said that healthcare services have been improved in Delhi under the AAP government. Under that, the government has introduced some welfare activities and free of cost schemes.

Pros of Aravind Kejriwal and his Party

  • Kejriwal has the courage to go against corruption
  • Leader raised from nothing but revolution
  • He strives hard to see a corruption free India
  • Not ambitious of making money
  • Brave and have good strategy

Cons of Aravind Kejriwal and his Party

  • Has got many blame saying that he involves in unnecessary publicity
  • He is aggressive
  •  Faces allegation for being Dictator of his Party.



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