What did KCR do as a Chief Minister?


 K. Chandra Shekar Rao has become Chief Minister Telangana soon after its formation. Since there is much scope for development, it was easy for the TRS party to come up with new schemes. TRS party was formed in 2001. In his tenure, he has come up with so many initiatives, look into them.

KCR Initiatives as a Chief Minister

KCR Kit: KCR has launched KCR Kit in Telangana for pregnant women. This kit consists of all necessary items for both mother and baby post the delivery. They have limited this kit for the first 2 deliveries. Also, it is given only to those who have given birth in a government hospital only. 

Mission Kakatiya: Mission Kakatiya is one of the best initiatives of KCR. This aims to restore around 46 thousand tanks in the tenure of 5 years. The primary motto of this mission is to provide an irrigation source to 25 lakh acre area in Telangana state.  

Mission Bhagiratha: Misssion Bhagiratha is a drinking water supply project. The main concentration is to provide water for villages. It is to ensure that women should not walk miles for drinking water. 

Kalyana Lakshmi and Shaadi Mubarak: According to Kalyana Lakshmi and Shaadi Mubarak, the government will pay Rs. 1,00,116 per each girl. It is to help those unmarried girls who are above 18 years and whose parental income is less than 2 Lakh per annum.  This is definitely a good initiative that benefits families in need.

Arogya Lakshmi: Telangana government gives one nutritious supper consistently to pregnant and lactating ladies and kids below the age of six through Anganwadi centers. The plan was propelled formally on January 1, 2015 by Honorable Chief Minister Sri K. ChandrashekarRao. For the ladies, 200 ml of milk for 25 days a month and one egg every day will be given with dinner. Kids, matured between seven months and three years are furnished with 16 eggs every month notwithstanding a 2.5 kg nourishment parcel.

Haritha Haram: Another programme of government is Haritha Haram. It aims to increase the green cover in the state. Forest Department and District Water Agency have already made more than 41 crore saplings. This is one good initiation taken for welfare and pollution in the state. The first phase of Haritha haram is successful and recently they started the second phase of it. 

Aasara pension, housing for the poor and there are so many other initiatives are started by KCR.


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