What is the probability of YSR CP winning 2019 Elections?



After the announcement of Andhra Pradesh Assembly Elections, the election fever has increased a lot. In the 2014 general elections, YSRCP won 67 seats, with around 44% of votes. The current cheif minister, Chandrababu Naidu has won 102 seats with 46% of votes. Though the polled votes difference is just 2 % between the 2 parties, TDP had marjority of 35 seats in 2014.

What is the YRSCP’s Status in 2019?

Many important leaders of YSRCP left their party and joined TDP after 2014 elections. However, YSRCP has gained vote bank through caste politics where Kapu caste has showed their support to Jagan. Since Janasena has come into the direct elections this time, there are high chances for YCP to loose Kapu’s votes. Also, Jagan has lost the main capable leaders in the party. The reason behind it is allegedly said that is due to his greed for power. In addition to this, his cases on corruption and involvement in some scams are his major drawback.

Despite of anything, Telugu Desam Party will show their impact in the 2019 elections. It is most likely to say that, TDP will come back to power with this assembly elections 2019.


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