Why Lokesh is contesting from Mangalagiri?


Nara Lokesh, who is now a legislative council member will be making his debut in direct council. The biggest decision Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu has taken a few days back that is over where his son Nara Lokesh may make his poll debut from? So the most awaited news for members of the Telugu Desam party got their answers, that Chandra Babu Naidu has decided that Lokesh will contestant from the Mangalagiri constituency in Guntur district.

Naidu has considered various constituencies including kuppam, which is his home ground in Chittoor district before Lokesh on Mangalagiri. Mangalagiri constituency consists of large parts of Amaravathi, the state’s upcoming capital and is generally considered a TDPs stronghold. Naidu believes that Lokesh election from here ensures that he attempts to facilitate its speedy development.

Why is Lokesh Contesting from Mangalagiri?

Mangalgiri also comes under the jurisdiction of the capital region development authority (CRDA). In 2014, Alla RamaKrishnaReddy of YSRCP was elected from Mangalagiri with the minute difference of 12 votes he defeated Ganji Chiranjeevi of TDP.

Meanwhile, the YSRCP is ready to make a BC candidate who belongs to the padmasali community but with the TDP’s last announcement YSRCP may step back to field a padmasali instead it may change its decision to re-nominate Rama Krishna Reddy from Mangalagiri.

While RAMAKRISHNAREDDY had been working on the sidelines in 2009 elections. Lokesh became active in TDP. Though Lokesh had worked on the party strategy he did not contest the polls. In 2015 Lokesh has stepped as an ex-office member of the politburo and the general secretary of the party ’s central committee. Lokesh holds the same post that his father held during the NTR’s ruling.

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